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Inline Asia Corporation (IAC) is a fast-growing, Philippine-based company, registered and duly approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission with company registration number CS201802573,  Business Permit Number 18-008013, and BIR Certificate of Registration specializing in providing of premium, high quality products that are aimed at improving one’s health and well-being.


The company is committed to introducing innovative products to the Philippine market including its flagship brand, Yvanna, a technologically advanced sanitary pad with 5-in-1 chip technology.


The founders of IA Corp come from different entrepreneurial and professional backgrounds. They pull from their diverse experiences in the corporate sector and draw on their individual professional expertise, which help revolutionize and transform the company.


IA Corp is driven by its philosophy centered on commitment and success.


We are a nationally-recognized conglomerate renowned for introducing beneficial, world-class products and providing the best business opportunities to Filipinos everywhere.


To provide personal hygiene and beauty products which are developed using the most advanced form of technology, to both men and women in the Philippines.

To introduce and distribute innovative products to the Philippine market while maintaining our company’s philosophy of focusing on commitment and striving for success.

To provide our members with the best business opportunities that enable them to be financially successful. We also aim to provide our members with the best benefits and rewards.


IA Corp Satellite offices

Zamboanga Depot

Janeth Francisco
IA Corp
Stall No. C-2, Bldg No.2,
Yubenco Mall, Tetuan,
Zamboanga City, 7000

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